15 March, 2010

I have a problem with TV

Well, really I have a problem with television portrayals of things. Like high school. My high school experience was NOTHING like televisions Saved by the Bell, Degrassi.....or any other show for that matter.

Recently, I started watching a show called "Life Unexpected". It deals with a foster child who ends up living with her birth parents after a failed attempt to emancipate herself from the state. This girl bounced from home to home, as do her friends. Now beside the fact that the show is on the CW network, filmed in darkly lit areas and cheesy I have a problem with it. Not all foster homes are awful but watch any show Law & Order, Bones, Judging Amy and others Im sure and they all seem to say the same thing. Foster parents are in it for the monthly check, they are abusive people who don't care for children at all and resent extra ones living with them. This really bothers me because growing up, we were a foster family. Its a part of my history, my background. A reason for why I do things, know things and popular media is making me ashamed, makes me wonder what people think now if I tell them. I suppose its even more raw living in the house where my brothers and sisters (because thats what we considered them) lived. I was the middle child for a while did you know that? Its why I know sign language! Its why it makes me angry that parents harm children with disabilities. And seriously, on the flip side-what about the families who get hurt? Opening your heart and home time after time can take a toll on a person. And then there is the damage no one else can foresee, or fix.

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