28 March, 2010


This weekend I went to a retreat that the college group here hosted. The speaker talked about "Real Spirituality" and it was a great weekend! I learned a whole lot. Saturday night we did an exercise where we meditated on an "issue" we had. We read scripture and applied it and then prayed about it and wrote ways we could let God work in it.

To be honest, many of my answers were angry

After this whole shebang, we went and prayed with either the speaker or one of the ministers of the college group. While talking (because we know how much I love to do that) he seemed to identify my "issue" with just a couple of words "missing community".

I was surprised at how I reacted to that. I was happy because to me it made PERFECT sense. I was sad because I thought we were all connected as a community of believers and here I am, in this floaty place with no where to go and I was angry. Angry because I thought that being with God meant never being alone-but thats what I feel.

So this is me, trying to figure out my future and my place in the world.

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