13 April, 2010

Life is a Highway

No really, once youre out of college all of the sudden your friends dont live a 2 minute walk away. They live hours and hours away. Ive been blessed to be able to take two roadtrips to see my friends recently! The first one was to Searcy! It was.....odd being back at HU but it was truly wonderful seeing my friends, my family that was there for me when i needed them for 4 1/2 years and counting! The short time I was able to spend with them was just what I needed.
This past weekend I went to Georgia with friends from High School. We were able to surprise another friend for her birthday and make amazing memories! And I was able to see Adam and Katie which was way perfect!
Life for me lately has indeed been a highway. I know Im nowhere near to a stopping point, that there is still lots of places for me to go and things for me to see but, for now, im glad I dont have any definite plans until July. I get to stay put and enjoy being home!
In other news, after a WHOLE lot of going back and forth in making any resolutions for new years/ not giving anything up for lent, i have made goals for myself. And yes they may seem silly and a little pointless to others but hey, if im supposed to believe in myself, that i can actually do anything for anyone else, i have to start with the little things for myself right?
also....my best friend is getting marriend in 88 days. That is so awesomely cool and really sad.....we will truly be at completely different stages in life but im so happy for her! And im busy trying to look good in the cute dress she picked out!

Well, now i must go get ready to educate the future. Maybe today they wont complain, bite, hit, yell at or taunt each other. Maybe today we will talk about what we want to be when we all grow up and they will have real jobs listed instead of Princess or Dinosaur......we shall see!

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