07 February, 2010

My God Thing

So two amazing, spine-tingling, yell out loud and say "thank you God" things happened today

1. My Saints WON the superbowl. Its something Ive been waiting for since i can remember. My dad and I used to leave church early and go to the games. Ive always been a fan, hoping at the beginning of every year "This will be IT". My wish FINALLY came true. It is truly an amazing thing and seriously lifts the spirits of Louisiana and Saints fans all over the globe! I really wish my grandpa and Im sure countless other Saints fans could have seen this, I know he's watching though! I hope you saw it Big Daddy ! Miss you.

2. After the game, I drove home. I live in a "college" neighborhood and saw a party. I felt the need to join them because I didnt want to sit at my house alonw and I figured I could meet my neighbors. After a while of dancing in the front yard I asked how they knew each other....they all go to the same church. The one Ive been putting off visiting because I was afraid. Now I know people there. People in the band! I cant say its anything less than God saying, here is where I want you to be for a while. Here is a place you can grow. I nearly started crying there, but held it in and just enjoyed myself.

Im still way adrenaline pumped about both of them, sleep wont come easily tonight!
Who Dat say they gonna beat them saints?

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