11 February, 2010

I miss having people near. I miss interaction and talking about your day and talking about people I dont really know. I miss pretending to listen I miss caring about it even though I didnt listen in the first place. I miss living with someone I didnt work with. I miss my boss. I miss the buffer that companionship and friendship provide. I feel so exposed, so cold and alone. I miss sewing and theatre.

I love having freedom. I love that I can come and go as I please with no one checking on me. I love having a job working with children. They provide daily joy and stress. I love that I do have friends at church and away from it. I love that each set has a set time I can spend with them.

I hate that out of sight out of mind really only works for the people who weren't committed, involved or truly caring individuals.

Im so ready to find someone to share secrets with, who cares.

And yes, this is my "im a single 20something alone on Valentines day" post. I promise not to post another

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