26 January, 2010

My room is a MESS!

And really, until I can get some order in it, my life is too. My car and my room are the places where I spend the most time other than work. Today I cleaned out my car. And it felt really good when I was driving around! The rest of this week is going to be devoted to my room. Storage is a problem and Im working on getting stuff.

And clearly you care haha!

In slightly more (or less) important news, the whole being a better person thing took off well but has plateaued once again. Its hard to do all this personal work alone. I would love some close friends here but totally understand that it may take some time to get there! Im just really missing the friendships I had in college and really wanting those for myself here. Still looking for somewhere to truly belong and do NOT want to take that first step out of my comfort zone. Because being comfortable is so nice. And anxiety is no fun. Because I've gone to this church my entire life and I know Im called to be involved but Im also feeling a tug to look for a place that encourages me in the part of life Im at which is Post undergrad/semi-permanately employed/ wishing I was using my degree/single/early twenties person. I know thats a whole lot of things to serve but where I currently worship isnt cutting it. It makes me sad sometimes but I really think that putting feelers out there will be good for me.

But I really hate it.


  1. It's hard, but you've got to look for that place! I know you can do it!

    Let me know if I need to do anything for you. As always, you're in my prayers.

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