19 January, 2010


I met a Biggest Loser this weekend. I totally have proof! He was one of the nicest people I've ever met. He spoke for an hour about his experience in getting on the show, which is an AMAZING story I can let you in on another time. Except for this one thing. He said his story coming out of TBL wasn't about weight loss. That was just a side effect. His story was about learning to love himself.

(loving myself is something I dont know how to do)

He said that loving himself, as God loved him was half the battle that he had to fight. To let down the barriers keeping him from loosing the weight. He also said that serving others can become a barrier to God. To be honest, this is where I stopped listening. I began going over everything and applying it to my life. And I came to a point. A very BIG point.

I serve others for MY glory, not for Gods. I do things for people for the sole purpose of making myself look better and not to honor God with my actions. Its weird really, I never even thought about it. I think it just happened. Seriously though, who doesn't like to be thanked? Being thanked equals being loved? I don't know quite yet, but I do know that the purpose behind the things I do is changing. Its not done but I'm working on it.

We sang a song this weekend, and I don't know all the lyrics but it spoke about loving God from the inside out and letting Him change you from the inside out. These words, along with prayer about not letting anything kill my spirit are my new goals for the year!

I'm trading my shame, Im laying it down for the joy of the Lord

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  1. God helped me get over my weight issues, last year I lost over a 100 pounds and still going!
    Prayer is what works and what helped me. Trust me he will enter your heart through Love!