09 January, 2010

Welcome to Big-Girl world!

I thought I wouldnt start work until after a God-weekend in Florida BUT we make plans and God laughs! So, come Monday I will show up to school at 7:30 am and teach children hahaha.

Right now Im just chilling in my bedroom that is awfully messy because I still don't have any furniture other than plastic drawers and a bed. Im working on it of course! Growing up is so odd! When did I get old enough to have close friends get married? Have babies? Im living with my sister and not with my parents! I have guests over and entertain.

And I am single (and apparently its ok for wal-mart and every drug store to put out Valentines Day items BEFORE new years). And Im beginning to be ok with it. Like Mary and Rhoda. Except more like Mary and less like Rhoda.

And Im working on being a better person. Trying not to control everything, trying to have a better attitude, trying to control my temper. Praying that Im more patient. And im praying. not back to reading my BIble just yet, but working on at least talking to God.

Its hard to come back home for good and figure out where you fit in. At church im just there, I suppose I need to figure out how I can get involved but its weird right now. With friends, Ive always been the visitor and now that Im here full-time im having trouble deciding where Im supposed to fit into their already-scheduled programmed schedules. I sorta wish I could have moved somewhere with a bunch of friends and started over together with them. oh well

This too, shall pass

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  1. Hi! I enjoyed your latest blog entry. You seem like a really sweet girl. I am an old gramma, 63, & I want to encourage you. I still remember when I first started teaching. Now, don't go getting discouraged! This is the start of the best time of your life! love you. My blog is www.thegreatladies.blogspot.com Visit me sometime!