01 July, 2009

sometimes i just have to throw up my hands and ask "what more do you want from me?" im not like them. I never was. Hi im Courtney your theatre-loving/desk job hating/ bad with money daughter who cant keep her room clean, does her best to never let her friends down and cant say no if someone asks nicely. I over schedule myself, am slightly ADD and a little Dyslexic im sure of it. I talk too fast and buy too much shampoo and not enough conditioner. I hate taking out the trash and love loading the dishwasher. i still think its special if someone wants to do something with me included. i hate talking to people on the phone, love to text and sometimes have a very horrible vocabulary but I love God, I love my family and I love my friends. i do what i do to make others happy so that maybe one day, i can be happy in return.

what more do you want from me?

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  1. That'll do very nicely. I love you. :) Text me any time!