06 July, 2009

Just another manic monday
-nearly finished painting the bathroom
-saw an old friend and laughed obnoxiously at high school shenanigans we pulled
-had a hankering for, bought and ate cookie cake
-had my grandfather get taken to the hospital for what, we don't know yet but think it is because of the aforementioned paint
-home before 11 jeeves.
- finished how i met your mother and am anxiously awaiting Sept. 21
- one month and twenty three days until my birthday. im saying this because last years day while thoroughly enjoyable was not the day i desired with friends. this year better be awesome so im getting the idea in your head now. So kaitlin and amanda [who are the only people reading this....or at least commenting :)] youve got a little time ;)

Just another manic monday.........


  1. we should go celebrate your birthday in LR. yes? yes?

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  3. Does that mean you're celebrating in Nashville? Yes? Yes?

  4. Is your grandfather alright?

  5. Well, the doctors found nothing. Its hard for me to convey the sarcasm with which these paint fumes were the "cause". No one else in my family could smell them past the bathroom that was being painted (i know, magical paint right?) So we still don't know whats up.

    Kevin, LR was SO every other birthday and Kaitlin, I wish somuch to come there then but how about the weekend of August 1 instead?

  6. Well, if we don't celebrate in LR where are we going to celebrate?