22 June, 2009

Camp Smiling Acres

Is the greatest place on earth! You just think there are wonderful places with wonderful people but camp trumps them all. And if you would like, I can come up with at least 150 signed statements :)
This year, everything just seemed to go well. I loved the lessons, the girls in my cabin were awesome and responsive and we all learned what our love languages are ( mine is NOT touch Amanda...touch does NOT equal love). I loved strengthening relationships. I think that was my favorite favorite part of my favorite place.
This week the theme was encounters with God. our youth minister talked about baptism one night and gave the analogy of us, the sinner, walking into a white room. Everything is perfect except for us we are dirty, muddy and sweaty. Jesus walks up and takes on everything that was on us. There was no need for that, he did it because he loves us. I really loved that analogy. It stuck with me all week and it did with the kids too. Anyway, during our Selah (quiet time) I had some really great discoveries. I really hope that I can take everything that I learned this week and use it
I pray that I can keep being there for the kids
I pray that I listen to God.
I pray that the relationships that have been forged stay solid. Its so awesome to see these kids want to spend time with one another-and weird to be the "adult" present......they LOVE to remind me about that lol

51 weeks until next year..........who is ready?


  1. Physical touch is one of the love languages, but I am not surprised that it is not yours. haha It's actually not mine either.

    I'm glad that camp went well for you. It sounds like a great experience.

  2. hahahaha i know it is....it was for several of the girls just so not for me! i only got two on that hahaha