15 January, 2009

Sometimes I sit and wonder, why do you care?
Does it bother you?
How come you never said anything until you thought it was too late?
What if it happens again?

and these thoughts, and the answers to them scare me. there is alot behind them that i sometimes cannot handle. i wish i knew a better way but i dont. everything seemed to be coming together before, why is it coming apart? is it a self-fulfilling prophecy or is there something wrong with me?


  1. there is nothing wrong with you. you are perfect in every single way, because you are a creation of our Father. Trust him to continue to mold you. The potter can only mold the clay before it has hardened. Be pliable to his will. I love you so very much.

  2. Once more: there is nothing wrong with you.

    (and it is weird to say that after months of asking the same question)

    I really mean that. It is hard to hope in what will come when things are falling apart now, but this is no end.

    I'm praying for you, friend.