19 January, 2009

this weekend is the stuff college is meant to be about!
wonderful times with friends
baked mac and cheese
Friends (the show)

even though it was only the first week of the year, and this may not happen for awhile again, I needed this and had a great time!

plus i had a wonderful dream last night! and a little girl who i used to babysit is getting baptized today! God made this day perfect


  1. i'm sure glad baked mac and cheese made your list. i feel that friends the show and the people should both be on your list, however.

  2. ummm if you would direct your attention to the TOP of the list i do believe that "wonderful times with friends" is right there!!!

  3. I'm a little bit in love with all of you. This past weekend was SO much fun....from picking Courtney up at Sonic...and getting to drive the Contour! FRIENDS! FRIENDS! FRIENDS! ohhhhhh I love it.

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