08 January, 2009

Real Friends take the time to pick out the pink and red Starburst and include it in your way late (my fault, not hers) Christmas presents. hahahahahaha!
Today, I am packing my life back up into my suitcases and getting ready to hit the road tomorrow. It has been fun being oh so completely idle but Im ready to get back to....doing stuff.
This ought to have been my last semester. It will not be. I will be a college graduate this time next year. That means that I only have a short time to figure out what I intend to do with my life. Ack! I never planned my life out like other people do. My family (extended) has begun to ask if there is anyone "special" in my life....every other woman was married by the end of college why shouldn't I? But I am the theatre major, why not break another tradition? It was kind of a funny question, I got such a look of pity when I answered "No"....with a smile I might add, but they felt bad for me. Oh well. Maybe next time I am home for a holiday I can give them a better answer as to what my future holds....and seeing as that will be next Thanksgiving I will really need to be able to do that!


  1. I can't believe I'm not going to be with you :(
    Still trying to make plans to come visit before I leave...I'll let u know.
    Travel safe.

  2. I don't feel bad for you, for what it's worth. You've got Starbursts, after all.

    I like those things.