21 November, 2008

Today I am Thankful for

Friends who will have an early Thanksgiving with you
Friends who will sing songs (sometimes with four-part harmony) with you
Friends who tease
Friends who tickle (and are ticklish)
Friends who will listen
Friends who will let you listen
Friends who give hugs
Friends who give time
Friends who give advice
Friends who can just sit and be sad with you
Friends who understand that your room will never be completley clean.....ever
Friends who laugh, Friends who cry

A friend loves at all times

Thank you God for my wonderful friends who have been with me through so much this year! Thank you for the new ones who I already cherish in my heart. Thank you for putting them in my life, they have blessed me so much!
Thank you God, for being the ultimate friend! Thank you for always have a listening ear and for giving so much grace and mercy. I love you Lord!


  1. There are a lot of people thanking God for you, too. You are a good friend, Courtney.

    . . .even if you don't clean your room.

  2. guess what courtney....

    I LOVE YOU ;-)