20 November, 2008

So, today exactly one week until Thanksgiving feasts are being eaten I wanted to begin being thankful.
Well, continue....but since a couple of people read this I figured it could help you be thankful consciously and its a way for me to be active in searching my Bible for passages of thanksgiving and therefore step one towards no longer being lukewarm (because was Mondays chapel not wonderful?)

However, todays is simply a song.

For all that You've done I will thank you
For all that You're going to do.
For all that You've promised
and all that you are is all that has carried me through
Jesus, I thank you!
And I thank you Lord!

Today I am especially thankful for laughter. It is truly a wonderful thing. It makes my heart smile and sounds so pretty. Thank you God for the gift of humor and for making smiles so coveted.

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