20 November, 2008

And I feel Like Im naked in front of a crowd

cos these words are my diary screaming out loud

fun. interesting. entertaining.
you dont have to read

TEN things you wish you could say to TEN people right now.
1. Why did you lead me on? What good did that do? Why can’t you see that you hurt me?
2. I wish we could just talk about what happened.
3. Tell me how you came to know God.
4. Im glad I was there to listen, I only wish I could have offered better advice.
5. You are a jerk. End of story. I don’t understand your need for hurt.
6. I like you, have since high school. I wish something would come of that.
7. Im sorry that I have let our friendship slip away. I didn’t mean it, can we fix it?
8.I want our relationship to be better, but we are both going to have to stop being petty six-year-olds and let bygones be bygones
9. you are cute. I would like to kiss you
10.I love you, really I do but you are very blind to things going around you. Im not sure how that will hurt you in the future, I hope it doesn’t

NINE things about yourself.
I am not satisfied with the way I look
I would rather die than to not be liked.
I can’t help but believe what you tell me until you give me real reason to doubt you
I would rather my faith be stronger, and my prayer/Bible reading life be more consistent
I love to read.
I hate talking about myself.
I don’t really like the jokes, I just go along with them so I won’t be seen as picky
I can’t believe you if you decide to compliment me, I wish I could I don’t like it when people ignore my compliments to them….
I love my family, I just wish we were closer
EIGHT ways to win your heart.
1. Love me
2. understand that I don’t make sense
3. hold my hand
4. like my friends
5. make me laugh
6. share happiness, struggles, victories and defeats
7. listen to me
8. love God
SEVEN things that cross your mind a lot.
1. why am I here?
2. why did God send his son to die for a total jerk like me?
3. what does my future look like?
4. what if none of this were real?
5. why am I not a better person?
6. why not me?
7. do I look pretty?

SIX things you do before you fall asleep.
1. check facebook
2. check email
3. check comics
4. check facebook
5. turn out lights
6. check facebook
FIVE people who mean a lot to you at the moment.(aka the last 5 people I talked to)
2. Adam
3. Amanda
4. Amber
5. everyone else in my life
FOUR things you really enjoy doing.
1. buying things for others that will make them smile
2. Perform
3. Singing
4. hanging out with my friends

THREE things you absolutely hate:
1.Sitting on the end of a row
2.Being left out
TWO places you want to travel to that you've never been before.
ONE confession.
I often wish that people would like me. It’s a daily struggle I have, to keep myself thinking I have friends.

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