30 November, 2008

Postsecret and other thoughts

**you dont have to read this, i simply needed it off of my chest**

One of these days I will finally have enough guts to send in a secret to postsecret. (If you weren't aware, Postsecret is a blogsite where people anonymously send in their various secrets and several are selected each week and posted)

I read the site every sunday, at least twice and i see more and more of me there than ever before. It makes me feel less alone, less screwed up sometimes because others know, they've been there to varying degrees. Its very comforting. Sometimes though, I wish I could tell my secrets to real people, the ones who ought to know, the ones who have earned my trust. But I can't. I judge myself too much to tell anyone who would further judge.

anyway, these are the secrets that touched my heart this week. They are all a little hard to confront, but i guess thats why they made me cry.

1 comment:

  1. i love postsecret- i have a folder on my computer devoted to postcards that catch my attention. the first one you posted really really got me when i saw it sunday.
    everyone needs to ask for help sometime. we can't always do it on our own no matter how hard we try.
    if i can do anything for you at all, let me know