03 December, 2008

Today is my birthday!
No, no you didn't forget, Facebook wouldn't have reminded you
Its my other birthday, the one that came after a life-changing desicion.
I committed, I accepted and was recieved with welcoming, open arms!
I knew whose hands held my future and that as long as I listened to and followed intsructions everything would work out to His glory. And I was so excited about that!
But now, ten years later, I have grown a bit weary, I have faltered in my walk and have a disturbing problem with obedience and trust.
But even with that, I still Love Him. I can't not do that. There are too many examples of Him in my life to ignore. Which makes my apparent lack of faith unnerving and seemingly ungrateful but Im not trying to be that way, I want to learn to trust and to obey (for theres no other way....:) The future is unknown and frightening, but bearable because his step will not falter even though mine may. How reassuring.

Ten years seems like such a long time here, but its such a short time really! Im still learning so much but lacking, I hope the next ten years brings much more knowledge!

Whats your story?

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