28 November, 2008

Im not quite sure what it is about holidays but

I want them to be so perfect.
But perfect in my world is so fractured.
No one shows up on time, there is always too much food. I end up getting sick and have to take heavy doses of painkillers to get through the day and there never seems to be enough sleep.

But it was wonderful. I loved sitting at the kids table this year, avoiding the adults ad their questions of what I plan on doing with my life ( I cant tell them I want to go do mission work for a while in europe of all places until I can tell my parents) and them nodding their heads in mock interest when I tell them I am a theatre major..... I loved playing spades with my family to see who would end up doing the dishes. I loved my moms stuffing, corn macshu and the praise i recieved for making a cake from a box mix.

I loved my imperfect holiday

It was perfect.

In other news, Im so thankful for
*grace and mercy
*my parents
*pajama bottoms
*time well spent

and you! Im soooo thankful God put you in my life, you have been such a blessing and I ought to tell you that much more often I dont know what I would do without you friend! You have become family. There really arent words to express how much I love my friends, but know that I carry you in my heart! Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Your "thankful" posts are nice to read.

    Thanks to you!