01 May, 2008

i just watched 27 dresses.
if youve been living under a rock and dont know, its this movie about the classic "always a bridesmaid, never a bride" girl who has been a bridesmaid twenty-seven (thats 2-7) times!
at one point in time, she says that she keeps the dresses and does all this for her friends on their special day because she knows that they will be there for her
not ever do you see her "friends" calling her
they do thank her at the wedding
the only friend we see her with more than once is her out-spoken colleague that has advice but little encouragement.

whats a girl to do with that?

how on earth are we to trust anyone who pretty much uses you when they need to and then dumps you. but expects you, and your relationship with them to keep going on strong when they are ready to pick you up again.....you know when that guy breaks up with them or the other friends they suddenly had give up on them too?

why do i sit here, anxiously waiting, trying to be that person who keeps on going strong? why cant i move on like everyone else?

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