28 April, 2008

this weekend has been really long.
dont get me wrong, it was really fun and all. I mean, i saw a really good show sunday afternoon and hung out with people that i havent gotten to nearly all semester. and that was too much fun probably

but this weekend, above all things, i felt needed. i felt as if i didnt just exist but that i had a purpose even if it was just for the weekend. and that was wonderful. i havent felt needed or wanted around very much lately so this was a good thing i hope.

it hurts when you realize people you love dont want you around but it sooooo good to find people who do care, even if its just cos someone is out of town or something like that ya know?

maybe this is a premature feeling, i shouldnt get my hopes up........


  1. you're always needed in my life. you're one of my favorite people and i like having you around. i hope you always feel needed.

  2. I, too, hope you always feel needed. I love that we can all cram in your party-mobile and have SUCH a great time together! We definately need to do that more often! Oh...and I felt like SUCH a jerk for falling asleep on the way back to school. I looked behind me and saw that everyone was sleeping, and I told myself that I would stay awake for you. Well, we all know that didn't happen. Thank you for volunteering to drive. Thank you for making this weekend happen! I GOT MY PICTURE! You made me feel so great when you said we weren't leaving until after I got my picture! I love you, Courtney.