10 October, 2007

time is flying!

its sooo weird, in two months ill be home again!

anyway-heres an update!

Saturday, we went to see a very....interesting version of Much Ado About Nothing.....and by intersting i mean acid-trippy.....

Sunday-we went to church.....im trying to think of ways to get out of that sometimes.....and had fun at ASDA. we had class that night but it wasnt bad.

Monday-classes, im doing well on my 5 point quizzes lol after class, we went to the London Eye. this thing goes more that 400 feet in the air.....and you are in a pod......they call it a capsule....but thats beside the point. all you need to know is i got on. got scared cried and sat down and hardly even looked out the window....so i looked at the floor...after i got off i was fine. but im never doing anything like that ever ever ever ever again. but there is picture proof that i was there, dr. tullos was nice enough to take a picture.

tuesday- blenheim palace (where sir winston churchill was born) and oxford. i got a sweatshirt! it was pretty cheap! but it was cold and rainy....hopefully ill be able to go again, i havent updated any pictures yet but when i do check your facebooks!

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