12 October, 2007

its picture time!!

i figured that those of you who DONT check your facebooks every five seconds desperately searching for my updated pictures would like to see some

the first picture is of me....before the London Eye.....can you see how big it is....i dont think so....it NEVER stops-you just hop on while its moving. and then freak out or enjoy yourself.....yeha

the second picture is of people. the girl is amanda....the guy winking is chris and the other guy is dave.....i dont know why chris is winking. this is my attempt at showing you the people i hang out with. eventually ill get a flat picture up here or something

anyway, its friday which is sleep in day...and i did.....until 9 lol! but thats ok, theres plenty to be done, we are going to the British Museum today....which could be fun eventually but its mandatory so well see.....

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