06 October, 2007

The official Update

well, weve been here for a week.

how am i?
wonderful. i love the people on this trip, we are getting along quite nicely. Im enjoying staying in one place again. We are NOT the cooking flat....we try to make life easier PLUS the symbols on our oven are non-existent.....so making things becomes an adventure.

we went to church at Wembley Park. that was interesting.....naturally they do things a little differently than we do and it will take some adjusting. we'll have to see how this goes....
Classes...then MARY POPPINS! it was better than i could have expected! soo magical! there are things we still havent figured out but we had a blast!
classes and a trip to the Globe to see The Merchant of Venice. We were groundlings which means that we stood for the entrie show.....that was an experience. It was rainy and freezing by the time the show was over. I dont think anyone realizes how long Shakespeare is until you stand during the entire performance! Anyway, after that we ate at this great noodle place called Wagamama....we were needing some warm food! It was great
Classes again and then we had a spaghetti adventure and cooked for some of the boys and yeah..... but then we had our first girls bible study. I am excited about this and hope that we dont stop just because we go home....
Classes (for the last time this week) and Avenue Q. the show is raunchy but funny-its done with puppets. of course there were some awkward moments but all in all a wonderful time was had. OOO and we got autographs!!! They were all very nice and one of the guys kept telling me peoples names so i could get their signatures too!
our first day without classes! we lazied around for a bit then went to do some homework at the Museum. After that we went to Harrods and Covent Garden where we saw this Unicyclist who was amazing and funny...it was great. The Tullos' had a movie night so we went to that too. then we began Boondock Saints.....which is an amazing movie but we were sooo tired we fell asleep

and here we are, again at a Saturday. My class load isnt too bad, everything here is done so you can actually finish things. I miss all of you an wish i could share this experience with yall too!

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  1. Hi Courtney,
    I have enjoyed catching up with you via your blog. I am trying to catch on to the current techno-communication methods. I am testing a new blog accoung that I set up but I do not have an interst in becoming a blogger. i am wanting to comment to you though. I am hoping this works.

    You are sorely missed. It is good to know that you will be home in a couple of short months though. The Christmas tree will be up. But we will save you some decorationg to do.

    I love you and I will post to you soon.