25 October, 2007

i just realized i told you nothing of the amazing adventure that amsterdam was!

our journey started on tuesday. we went to stonehenge and bath and then came back, double checked we had paked everything (which i didnt) and then went to the airport. our flight left at 615 but the tubes stopped running around midnight and we had to catch a train to gatwick airport so we didnt sleep. we woke up at 745 tuesday morning and didnt sleep until wednesday night at the hostel. when we got to amsterdam, we walked around in the rain for 30 minutes before we found our hostel and michelle! that was nice, we kind of chiled out and ate and tried to get warm. we went to a very interesting worship service that night and after got some chips (fries) at one of the many places that are vendors for only fries! thursday we woke up early and went to the hiding place of Anne Frank. that was an amazing museum, they have all the rooms preserved to the same size, you get to climb the same staris they did etc....there are many stories around the house from her friends and her diary and it just makes it so real for you, the windows that arent covered are large pictures of things Anne described and thats even more powerful. its so sad that people deny this ever occured. after that we went shopping! things were in Euros instead of pounds and i think we got a ittle giddy. something i didnt know about were the secret churches in amsterdam when the protestants and catholics were figthing, churches had to be concealed and had special signs that said they were a church. it was such a sanctuary literally, you went in off the shoping street and all of the sudden you are in church. it was amazing the peace i felt in that place. Friday we took a canal tour and ate out (that was our mexican adventure) and saturday michelle took us on her "private" version of the city tour......this one involved more shopping! we got back safely and that was the end.

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