28 October, 2007

Post # 80

Wow, i cant believe im already at post # 80! i hope everyone enjoys reading AND COMMENTING on my blog!

Just a little recap over the past week......

Sunday- we had just gotten back from Amsterdam and were exhausted and gross. we got home and took showers. on sunday we did not go to Wembley, we went to Hillsong. I dont know if youve ever heard of them, but they are a very charismatic church which was just the lift many of us needed. The general consensus of this worship period was that we wanted a balance of Hillsong and Wembley, however more toward the Hillsong service. and we had class.....

Monday - class again! we recieved our English Exams back and i did indeed make 103/100! woot! Later that day, i took my Theatre History exam....that was fun because it was a theatre test, where teachers make the answers ridiculous ie Disney was the cause for the decline of the Roman Theatre or that the elements of Greek theatre were "earth, wind, fire, water, heart...with our powers combined!" monday nights are girls bible study nights. the week before, we had the "write encouraging things on papers" devo and last weeks was short and turned into "sing songs from kids praise/VBS" it was sooooo much fun. i can only imagin where kids get the energy to do all those songs all the time. but that was so much fun and well worth the exhaustion

Tuesday- we went to Cambridge and Ely Cathedral. Ely was a beautiful cathedral, there was a really cool lady chapel that we sang in. it had a seven second echo and we sang "it is well with my soul" and WOW it was beautiful! Cambridge was the cutest collge town ever! everything was close together and we got to see the building where DNA was discovered! it is no longer a lab so we didnt go in. We also ate a a really cool Pub that was used by the RAF and the US Air Force. you can still see where they wrote their names and drew some ahem pictures with lipstick and candle wax on the ceiling. i thought that was a really cool bit of history.

Wednesday- we had our HUMONGUS exam in which we had to know 24 monarchs of england (William the Conqueror-Elizabeth 1) and three facts about each. i was so happy to finish, i was shaking with happiness! we also went to Westminster Abbey, it is a very beautiful church and we had a great time. after we were craving something homey so we went to the Spaghetti House for dinner.

Thursday- I took a nap and ate Indian food. later that night, we went to see "The Woman in Black". It is one of the best ghost stories ever, I really did enjoy it thought Hardings production was much better

Friday- we went to the British Museum and i watched two movies.....we were LAZY! but it was a good lazy lol

Saturday- Our water got shut off before i could take a shower.....so we didnt really do anything. we got Burger King and took naps, worked on our papers and projects

Sunday- water back on! but we didnt attend wembley...which was a little dissappointing b/c there was a NFL game going on near us! but thats ok. we went for lunch and everything went downhill from there. it felt like someone was kicking me in the side with a knife. i couldnt walk and had to sit down. i did make it back to my flat but it took almost a half hour instead of five minutes! i passed out and felt really naseous and dizzy and yeah...... i still feel sick but at least i can walk around

so that was my quick update i hope you all have a wonderful day and remeber...God loves you!

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