17 May, 2007

so school is over.
my best friend graduated from college
my sister graduated from high school
i need to look for a job, clean my room, go through all of the JUNK that i have and chunk it, start working out
and watch JEOPARDY! i love it when they dont know the answers but i do!

i miss my roommates ALOT. but i know, in my heart that tonight michelle will be watching Greys Anatomy. That after it we will call each other and talk about it. that amanda will text me if she sees someone who has committed crimes of fashion or if there is just something funny going on. and that ashley will have a marvelous time in Greece this summer and do a wonderful job in her final projects next year.


i also have TONS of movies to catch up on, i cant wait to see my neighborhood Blockbuster guy and see how his semester went!

so now, im off to get started on that list. after all, im going to england next fall!

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