23 May, 2007

summer, oh summer

i never really liked summer. and of course i never really liked school either. but im not really good with keeping in touch or anything so i never got to hang out with my friends from school during the summer either. i was never in, and i never had that core group of people to spend time with. and now, when i finally have great friends at school what happens? we all come from different states and need to make money for next semester anyway so we cant hang out. life is funny that way. but at least they are good with keeping in touch!
anyways, right now im sitting at the student center. bored and alone. i cant get the speakers to play on this compter so its REALLY quiet here. im already done with two books and its only WEDNESDAY!
tonight is church and im excited. i miss wednesday night church (we go to a home bible study at school) worship here is different not as many "new" songs, and thats a "groove" i need to get used to again.
God bless!

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  1. Dearest Roommate (for you will always be referred to as my roommate, even like 10 years from now)
    Anyway I feel your pain. I am on my third book of the week and will probably finish that one today.
    And I've basically given up on seeing friends from high school. They are all working, starting grad school, or getting married. But in onl a few short months we will both be in EUROPE!!!!
    Lova ya and miss ya, Chelle