01 November, 2011

Well, October happened and I didnt Blog.
And the world didnt end haahaha!
But its November now. To some, its no-shave november, to others its Movember (in honor of Mens Health month). For me its Challenge Month.
Ive decided to challenge myself to a few things
1. Post a "thankful" post to facebook everyday
2. Do this really short workout everyday (in addition to walking with Bob)
3. Drastically cut down on how much fast food I eat each week (2x or less)
3. Drastically cut down on how many cokes I drink each week (3 or less)
4. Finally get my room clean. I've honestly been giving this a half-effort since September but its hard to keep up with. I also can see hoarder tendencies in the way/fact that Im NOT cleaning so this MUST end. And soon.

So these are my goals. Maybe they are pre-resolutions. Thats ok. Why wait for the new year?


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