06 November, 2011

I really wish the title of this post could be "Always a Bridesmaid, never the bride" but I just don't feel that way! I am so happy for friends who get engaged its crazy!
This weekend, I found out my lifelong friends Kristen and Jonathan got engaged. Those stinkers kept it to themselves for a whole WEEK! Kristen, sweet girl that she is, has asked me to be a bridesmaid! How exciting!

Cue the diet thoughts.
Cue the OBSESSIVE diet thoughts,

I have 279 days until their wedding. aka just over 39 weeks. Im setting some HIGH goals here and going for 1 pound a week. This is no joke. Ive already begun "better" habits simply for health reasons. Now I have a HUGE motivator-dont be the incredibly obese bridesmaid.

I love goals. I love making them. I SUCK at keeping up with them. Hopefully I can change this into a habit.

here goes

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