30 May, 2011

oh heavens. I have got to figure out this weight-loss thing. I eat too much junk but still not enough "points" for weight watchers, loss doesnt happen fast enough for me, I dont exercise as regularly as i should.

But its HARD WORK. emphasis on the work part. There is a lot of me to lug around. Shit, howd I let myself get this way? I disgust even myself! I look at the people on weight loss shows and im jealous of their support system, of the fact that they have someone to push them. Im jealous of the results, the time they get to spend working out and the real tips they get on eating.

theres so much in my life that my weight is holding me back from. plus if my body is Gods temple, what am i saying about God? ugh. i wish i had someone to talk to this about. i feel like my mom sets me up to fail, and i learned from the best so.......

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