03 May, 2011

the nice guys

In the youth group I volunteer with, there is this trio. 2 guys and a girl. They are all great friends and spend a lot of their time away from the yg with each other when they can. Each member trio makes me laugh, confides in me and has taught me in their own ways.

They also wrapped my car in saran wrap and stole it. Two separate occasions.

So, to "repay" me for their pranks, they took me on a geocache where the end result was a present they put together for me! A sweet note, some smell-good stuff, a gift card to the best cupcake shop on earth AND a bracelet that says "faith, hope, love" to match my tattoo

Let me first say that Im really glad they know how much those words mean to me. Period. I mean, I know why I got them permanently placed on my body but I also know I dont articulate thingsto the degree that I want to. They searched for this bracelet because they knew.

Anyway, next to each word is a small picture faith has a cross, love a heart and hope, well hope has an anchor. I love hope. Its my favorite. Hope is what keeps the Disney magic in me going, the fun, colorful parts of me that people seem to love? Thats hope. Hope is an anchor for faith. I LOVE that imagery. The disciples hoped that they would make it through the storm and while Jesus said they had little faith He never said they didnt have any. I think the little that they had was strung on hopes anchor.

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