19 January, 2011


I don't believe that God promises certainty for our lives. He promises a certain finish, he promises that when we follow Him, our lives work out to His purpose but he doesn't say "Follow me and nothing will ever be shaky. Follow me and change will be a piece of cake and not knowing what tomorrow will bring is like a surprise for you everyday." Nope. Unless you subscribe to the book of 1 Courtney 24 (its after the chapter where I wonder aloud at God why there aren't any unicorns), then there isn't any assurance that life is smooth sailing. I think the story of Peter walking after Jesus on the water is a primo example of that-Here Peter is with Jesus everyday and even he gets distracted by the waves and they begin to overtake him. It isn't until he asks for help that Jesus helps him but when Peter asks, there isn't a moments hesitation. God plans to be there for us when those waves start to crash in.

I feel like uncertainty is the theme of my week so far. I got back from an awesome, uplifting, spiritually challenging weekend and have had several rugs pulled out from under me. The rug of a job, the rug of my housing situation. So many things have been tossed up in the air, I almost feel like I ought to jump up there with them. But this all makes me so much more grateful for the weekend I just had, for the rock in this storm that God is being and that I feel utterly dependent on Him for my decisions. Because I would be freaking out even more than I already am about this. Im in prayer over so many things right now-what DO i do with my life now? Is this the time for a change? Where does God want me right now? and billions more. Luckily I believe that God hears these constant questions and as I give each one up to him, I feel unburdened all over again.

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