13 January, 2011

Old goals, bigger reasons

My goals (resolutions) for this year just got real. Like real real. I just gave away my swimsuits to goodwill. The youth group is going to the beach in April. Therefore, I need to purchase a new swimsuit by April. Will it be in the size I am now? FUCK NO. Im also not sorry for that language. Because I mean it. Also, sometime this summer a few will be participating in Wilderness Trek. I know what youre thinking. Courtney, do you REALLY want to climb a mountain and not be connected to...anything for a week? And the answer is....yeah. I didnt go when I was in high school-I let people talk me out of it but not this time. Even if I cant take the time off of work, Id like to be healthy enough to contemplate it.

So there we go. swimsuit season now looms upon us all......

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