17 October, 2010

This week was NOT what I was hoping for. Not one bit.
Even with random extra work hours, Im still living paycheck to paycheck
Im so terribly lonely here, I have friends but not Christian ones and I can feel myself hardening to talking about God and my life as I strive (in some way) to follow Him

But this weekend, I got to make a difference. We had our first annual cupcake day for our youth group girls on Friday, and even though numbers were few, we had a grand time. Saturday I was able to go to my first LSU game of the season and today, spend it with the youth group again as we supported two of our own in Seussical (Harding REALLY needs to do it-youth forum 2012?) and then life group.
It was the trip home from life group that made everything worth it.
Theres a girl who recently moved here-not without knowing people but simply without a bestfriend and very lonely. She said that this weekend turned everything around for her, that it allowed her to get closer to people and make new/better friends with everyone.
So now, as I sit here, missing everyone and waiting patiently when I get to make that 8 hour trip to Searcy again to hug everyone, lonely ,praying for God to melt my heart and guide me through this busy week and watching Pushing Daisies on netflix (keepin it real) I am encouraged that some crazy little get together allowed someone to feel loved this weekend.

And that makes all the difference to me.

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