11 July, 2010

This weekend I was honored to be a part of my best friends wedding. Its funny how a day many wish for for years comes and how much preparation is put into making the first day of a new life for a couple so very special! and then how quickly that day is over.
The ceremony was beautiful, the reception a blast and Miller did Mr. Roboto with us! We clearly had the time of our lives! Michelle and I joked that we would see each other again when the next wedding rolled around.....a joke but its a testament to how this events brings people together!
As I watched my best friend tell her now husband Kenny how much she loved him and how she would dedicate her life to his goals and being his, and he did the same, I couldn't help but wonder if Ill ever get the chance to say those things in front of the people I love. I suppose it doesn't matter as long as I get to do Gods work in His kingdom, but a girl can dream right?
Naturally, no sooner am I home but I get a text inviting me to help out at a wedding thats in less than a month! Wow! Its smaller and directed more at her family and close friends but its amazing how many people near to my age are getting married! I feel like I am barely an adult, terrified of this great big new work-demanding world and people are not only jumping into that life but jumping into it and with a whole new person! Wow! God bless the marriages this summer, let them have joy in prosperity and patience in perseverance. Let them love always and know that you are there for them!

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