17 February, 2010

Blah Blah Blah

and yes, this does refer to the Ke$ha song :) but it also refers to the fact that I have been bemoaning the OTHER fact that Ive been lonely and without someone to talk to. Previously this included but was not limited to long drives in rural Arkansas with friends either in person or through a phone call. I havent had many people to talk to since this and I can really feel it in my soul, you know bubbling up! But surprisingly enough, tonight offered that! I loved it and am extremely glad for the release of conversation. Not just surface topics but the important things you get into through the most random of questions "What guys are you attracted to" or something like that. And then the realization that there are other romantics out there, waiting for that special someone who isnt cliche or fake but is willing to take the crazy on with you and journey into life.

Its amazing what God sends your way when you least expect Him to act!

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  1. "Its amazing what God sends your way when you least expect Him to act!"
    esp in the way of men. its always been when i havent wanted or been focusing on guys that they have come into my life.
    something a camp counselor once told our cabin that has always stuck with me was that we just have to run toward god and one day we will look over and find someone who is running just as hard right beside us.

    love you dear xox