15 July, 2009

I have been told the parables of Jesus since birth. No really, thats what happens when you grow up CoC- the parables get ingrained into you. You hear them over and over and accept what you are told about them, no questions asked. Ever.

But then you hear it. The story is no longer just another Sunday School lesson. Its God, speaking to you telling you something you need to hear, prompting you to ask questions;Do I believe what has been fed to me or do I have my own faith? Who am I in this story? What can I do to not be that person?

Todays question is "Am I really worth it to leave those 99 sheep to come and find me?"
Wherever I ended up getting off the path, am I important enough to leave others unattended? Do I resent those who come in last and get the same amount as I did for less work? Why do I care about the amount of work when its for your glory? How much longer until I realize I can stop feeding pigs and come home?

Ok, so more than one question but we read more than one parable. And there are so many more to read and let God speak to me through. How is God speaking to you?

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