28 July, 2009

At camp on Friday night we have a night of sharing, singing and praying called Family Forum. Campers are encouraged to share what they have learned, struggles and victories that they have felt in the past week. So many come forward and share things and then are prayed over by their friends/ brothers and sisters in Christ afterwards. The love felt in that place is overwhelming.
As a counselor, it is different to watch this night. I am flooded with sympathy, empathy and prayers for each camper I have called my own. Filled with pride for their victories and happiness if they say that I have been able to help.
But this post isn't about them.
Its about what happens when the room clears out and there are just a few people left. One of my girls sat with another counselor and so I went to give support for her, to let her know I was there, to comfort her. And we did. We listened to her and prayed after. And then we hugged her. And then a friend hugged me. I thought it was just a hug but for some reason he wouldn't let go.
And then, the tears came. Without warning from me, he knew what I needed right then and there was support. And he gave it.
I still don't know how he knew, or why he decided to hang on to the hug but he did. And even though I've told him thank you, I still wonder why you know, and I still wanna say thank you over and over because the theme of the week was Encounters with God, and I know that He was there for me that night.
So thank you friend, for showing me God. Thank you very much.

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