01 June, 2009

Summer has begun! I am babysitting three wonderful kids this summer. Twin 10-year-olds and a one-year-old. The girls are great and helpful with their baby brother who is still a little wary of me. I'm certain he will come around soon!
Hmmm, lets see what has happened? Well my parents went to Venezuela and are returning today! Im excited, I hate keeping this house clean by myself hahaha, but I really did miss them and can't wait until 4 pm!
I have had a great time spending time with friends. Its nice to be in a place where I have to turn offers instead of beg for them sometimes. Don't get me wrong, Sonic runs with people are great but only occupy so much time...... So here's to friends who lunch, who go shopping, and to movies and hang out in the church parking lot. I appreciate you all so much. Y'all are one of the reasons I don't hate coming home for the summer. Not that I felt wanted anywhere else, but I would have nosed my way in anyway and felt left out and then a horrid cycle would have begun that no one would want to participate in!
Oh! My hard drive crashed. I lost EVERYTHING. It was bad. I was very sad. The Apple store here replaced my hard drive here for FREE. It was good. I was very happy. The thing is I cannot currently put music from my iPhone to the computer, I'm having to upload EVERYTHING again, luckily the iTunes store can do that (another service I received for free) but the things from others will stay on my phone for now.
I joined the Y. The were forced to redo their rooms to compete with the Overpriced Fitness Center down the street and I reap the benefits because they have a TV in each treadmill! And an awesome weight room and another for free weights!
Camp is in two weeks! Im excited, we are praying for a great week! The theme is Encounters with God. Our theme for Cafe' Smiley is "Alien Encouters" hahaha it was all we could think of, but we are excited! I think I may go as either Uhura or a Tribble. Or maybe an Ewok....they were so deceptive or maybe Optimus Prime (I must admit I have a crush on that particular transformer.Or Megan Fox, only an alien could be that hot. Whatever I decide, I think that night will be outta this world!
My poor sister has to have her third root canal this week today. But of course on wednesday she goes to Australia so I can't make myself feel that bad for her!

i need a vacation, but am looking forward to Branson in August!!!

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  1. You need a vacation? Really? Well you know the perfect place to come....NASHVILLE!!!!!!!!

    I miss you, but I'm glad you are having a great time. I want to join the Y here...do you love it?