08 June, 2009

Since my sister is in Australia and has left a vacant spot at my mothers preschool, I am currently a sub. I generally work in the afternoons but today I worked ALLL day. Seriously. The fact that I work in the afternoon allows me to spend a couple of minutes with my mom before leaving work and going home or wherever I end up. Any who, all this to say, we talked today for a much longer time than expected. She brought up my depression, which she rarely, if ever does. I actually felt comfortable enough to tell her about seeing a counselor last fall. I felt as if a burden had been lifted off of my chest. It was nice to hear her say good things about me and pray for me and tell me she was willing to help/get me help. I nearly couldn't believe what I had heard when she said that.
Now to see if there is any follow-through. lets hope.......

if you can read this i miss you.........

and maybe this will make you smile

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  1. I'm so glad that your talk with your mom went well. That's great! I'll be praying that it all continues to get better for you. I love you!

    That little girl is precious!