15 December, 2008

so, im procrastinating studying until at least 8 o'clock.
instead, i am updating!
saturday got much better. I went Christmas shopping with Megan in LR and then watched a Mighty Wind with Adam. After that, Brick Oven (yum!) with Tillie and Lauren and then, the theatre Christmas Party at Mckays, Lynns and Millers! It was a fantastic "Progressive" dinner party, and we loved it! Somuch fun! After all that, we hung out at Berryhill and took lots of pictures and were ridiculous and loud and HAPPY! OUr night ended with three rounds of Mafia at the underground. Who knew we could just be? Just have fun. It was so nice!

the girls saturday night

me and steve at the ZP semi-formal

well, here we are at 8:01..........
see you tomorrow when I am once again procrastinating!

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