11 October, 2008

I live life at an eight and thats not fair!

i keep things inside. I stuff them in all the deepest darkest corners and glue them down with hurt. So you see, I have been brooding over them for years. But now, im learning how to hurt....correctly. And its getting harder to hide things because im getting positive reinforcement that my behavior is correct and good for me.

i got all out rejected tonight because of "numbers".

how would you react? i cried. i was hurt. more importantly i actually hurt, inside and not myself. and, if you didnt know....thats a big HUGE thing for me.

and that thing that i was talking about last post? still way excited about it. in prayer and knowing that things will work according to His perfect plan! a purposeful life somewhere....helping!


  1. I am so proud of you girl. I know you are working through a lot right now, and I am so extremely happy that you are working things out. I love you, and I don't want you to tear yourself down. You are a beautiful creation of God. Never forget that. and if you ever need anything...you know where to find me.