12 August, 2008

The effects of being alone all day long

I have to learn to love myself
but find it easier to make a list of things I hate about me.

I got a new license today.....im actually legally driving right now! Well not at this second, but you know what I mean.
I can't wait to go back to school! I will be taking French, Medieval European History, Acting Style, Christ and Culture, American Government (what better time to do so?) and...... Weight Training. Oh and this will be my final section of 222 that I have to take. I am a SENIOR in COLLEGE. I know I end up saying this a whole lot but I never expected this and really don't know what to do when I get out of school. I don't know where to go, where to look to go. Nothing. I almost feel like taking time off to figure out things. Go to NYC or back to Europe and just be for a while, anything to put off being an adult.

I would like to paint my room....


  1. How long were you illegally driving?

  2. well never really but the sticker that showed that my license was renewed fell off in Europe.....so since December? The police that took my license never said anything about it, but i figured it was time to get a new one!

  3. You should definitely put off being a grown up for as long as possible. It is highly overrated.