15 May, 2008

Susan and Lucy

Theres are several fictional book series that I think everyone should have the chance to read. They include, but are not limited to The American Girls, Choose your Own Adventure, Little House on the Prarie, Goodebumps and The Chronicles of Narnia.

Todays entry (if you haven't guessed from the title) is about The Chronicles of Narnia. No, it is no coincidence that this post comes just hours before the second movie (Prince Caspian) premiers here in America, I read the book in preparation for that :). Anyway, in this book, all four Pevensie children return to Narnia. The Narnia they return to is unfamiliar and older than the one they previously reigned over but they know they have been called to help and they put all of their efforts into doing so. Lucy, the youngest Pevensie was the first to ever enter Narnia and is the first to see Aslan, the all-powerful Lion. It takes the others much longer to see him but when they do life gets easier. Susan takes the longest to ever see Aslan. She is portrayed as a bit of a scardy-cat and a bit pessimistic. Lucy, has the belief and trust of a child yet, when faced with the desicions of those older than her, she goes against her beliefs.

I used to cry during the last book when Susan does not return to Narnia. It hurt my heart that she knew of all the wonderful things that had happened and would happen there with Aslan and that she couldn't bring herself away from the fear in her heart. I used to want to be like Lucy who got to keep coming back to Narnia and do good things. I still see the good in Lucy, but re-reading the book this go-round made me see that not even she who could see the truth made the right choice. Aslan even chastised her for it later on.

It made me wonder how many times I know the right thing to do but I don't have the courage to stand up for it.How many times do I disappoint God becuase I have this need to go with the crowd? Where is the unconditional faith I used to have? So many questions........

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