12 May, 2008

School is out
but right now, as i write this, i am in class. im taking two classes this summer in hopes that i can live off-campus sooner....woot.

this weekend was fun. On saturday i drove home to surprise my mom and to help out a friend who didnt have a comfortable way home (stuff + 4 other people = uncomfortable) so we had a good drive home. long but good. it was great to catch up with her because we hadnt talked in a LONG time. I successfully surprised my mom so that was good, went to church, said hi and bye and then ate lunch with my family.that was good and fun. After that i left for Searcy...yes, again! and i drove through Memphis this time. This drive is a LOT less entertaining that the "back" way and is a bit longer. Thats ok i got to stay in a hotel by myself for the first time. It was eerie. but fun, i watched ALOT of tv.....and fell asleep to that.

but back to now.....im taking Human Structure and function for the next two weeks....please shoot me! Its with a very monotone but nice guy. The crime is the fact that I just bought a CD that cost 60 dollars. thats right! and can i sell it back??? NOPE. lame

hope everyone has a nice day.

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