21 May, 2008


I do not like confrontation.
I do not like it when I have to bring up a subject, I would be much happier to dance around a subject than to actually talk about it.
I do not like to be by myself. I get too much time to think.
I do not like it when there is no music.
I do not like to be talked down to
I do not like to be left out
I do not like that I speak before I think

I like to be with happy people
I like it when people know they can tell me what is going on, happy or sad even if I don't completely understand what they are going through
I like the accomplished feeling of being sore everyday.
I like that I know movies by heart.

I hate that the second list took twice as long as the first

Sometimes, when I really want to torture myself for something stupid Ive done, I want to know what others think of me for real.
Sometimes, Im glad that everyone lies.

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