16 April, 2008


Ive been watching lots of "Reality" TV lately. Mostly ones where a man is presented with 20 women and puts them through a series of tests and several "one-on-one" dates to see which one he could really love or spend lots of time with until he needs money and tries again (even tho his heart has been broken blah blah blah)

something that has been really distressing me is the fact that these shows exist. have we really devalued love so much that we can put it up on television for all the world to see. devalued it to the point that we allow someone to pick from a group? really? these people are supposedly choosing who they are going to spend the rest of their lives with? REALLY?

it isnt going to make me stop watching "Rock of Love", "Flavor of Love" or even "The Bachelor" but i think its going to make the man God gives me (if its His will to do so) much more special.......cos i didnt have to give him a rose or a clock or a backstage pass for doing underhanded things to stay in the game.

im reading a book called "Searching for God knows what" by Donald Miller (he also wrote Blue Like Jazz). In the chapter im reading, he is talking about how lonely Adam must have been until Even came. I mean yes, he had God to talk to but he was the only man on earth and as many of us know, "no man is an island". Eve was precious to Adam, his help-meet and friend.

i dont really know where this was going anymore.....i was frustrated and now im close to tears.......bah

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