14 April, 2008

as time goes by.....

it is OVER! no really, i dont think i have ever felt this relieved!
My junior directing project is now over! I no longer have to worry about rehearsals or anything like that.....i just have to put everything together to show my professors now! my week wasn't so bad......things definetly got better, we never sold out but our audience grew each night so i do not count it a loss.

but now i am free and im not quite sure of what to do with my time. o i know, i could be working on homework....but who really wants to do that? there are so many friendships that i need to work on again and so many new ones that grew out of rehearsals that i need to keep up! i think ill just enjoy everything...i mean Amanda and I had brinner (breakfast at dinner for all you non-Scrubs fans out there) tonight! it was great and tomorrow we are having a SVU party! how exciting!

words from my heart...written by rogers and hammerstein lol(Cinderella)

The Sweetest Sounds, I'll ever hear
are still inside my head
The Kindest Words I'll ever know
are waiting to be said
The most entrancing sight of all
is yet for me to see....
and the dearest love in all the world
is waiting somewhere for me
is waiting somewhere.... somewhere for me.

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